ROOFLINK has built an integration with Hover so that all your roof measurement data will automatically pull into your ROOFLINK jobs.

  • Log-in to your ROOFLINK account

  • Click the user icon in the top right corner

  • Select Profile & Settings from the drop-down menu

    • You'll be temporarily routed to your Hover account

    • Click Allow to authorize access

You will be automatically rerouted to your ROOFLINK account and will see a message that your Hover account was successfully connected.

SumoQuote Integration with Rooflink Roofing CRM

SumoQuote Integration with Rooflink Roofing CRM


Use a powerful direct integration to take advantage of Rooflink's robust lead creation, photo, and roof measurement tools within SumoQuote. When you've got the signature, the signed contract, complete with line-items and any optional upgrades, are sent back to Rooflink. Apply Rooflink templates to quickly and easily create fully itemized material and work orders.

Existing SumoQuote customers get 50% off their first 2 months of a new Rooflink subscription.

QuickBooks Online Plus

Save time, track money, and get important insights!

ROOFLINK has maximized the QuickBooks API offerings to bring you the most robust accounting and project management integration on the market. We offer a dynamic two-way integration that will automate the creation of Customers and Jobs within QuickBooks, create connected Material Orders/Work Orders (Vendor Bills) within QuickBooks, and track Vendor and Customer Payments. No one does more to lighten the accounting load than ROOFLINK.

ROOFLINK Roofing Sales CRM QuickBooks Desktop Integration

ROOFLINK Roofing Sales CRM GAF Quick Measure Integration

GAF QuickMeasure

Get affordable, accurate, and fast roof measurements!

The direct GAF QuickMeasure integration allows ROOFLINK users to pull GAF QuickMeasure report summaries directly into the ROOFLINK Roof Measurements. Roof Templates can then be applied to output Estimates, Material Orders, and Work Orders to automate your work flow.

Check to see if GAF QuickMeasure is available in your area.


Accept payments and scale faster.

"Rooflink partners with Stripe to offer a seamless payment processing integration inside the Rooflink App for processing both ACH and Credit Card payments."

ROOFLINK Roofing CRM Software Stripe Integration

ROOFLINK Roofing Sales CRM CompanyCam Integration


Your window from the office to the field.

CompanyCam has established itself as the industry leader in job site photos. ROOFLINK'S direct CompanyCam integration allows team members to create customers in ROOFLINK or CompanyCam and the customer is automatically created on the other platform. Photos captured or marked up in CompanyCam seamlessly flow into ROOFLINK and are available to be tagged into estimate line items, supplement line items, inspection reports, invoices, text, or emails.


Easily connect the apps you use. No code required.

Each ROOFLINK company account comes with a guest API that allows customers data to be zapped into ROOFLINK from other applications. No more double data entry! Customer information can also be automatically zapped out on milestone/triggers to other applications.

ROOFLINK Roofing Sales CRM Zapier Lead Integration

EagleView Edge™

EagleView works with leading solution providers in the construction and solar industries to make it easier to source and use EagleView reports within your project workflow